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Photography & Video Production Studio Rental in Jacksonville, FL

Our 2,000 sq. ft. studio rental space is perfect to shoot short films, music videos, training videos, interviews, talk shows, photography, EFX shoots, and more.

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Studio Location & Hours

We’re located conveniently off i295 near UNF and St. John’s Towncenter.

Our studio is located at:

11655 Central Pkwy #302
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 701-3016

Operating Hours:

Our normal hours of operation are M-F 9am-6pm, excluding holidays. Nights and weekends are available at request and have a minimum of a half day block.

For Photography & Film Production

Our production studio rental is equally at home to both photographers, videographers and film production crews alike. With ample space, available hot lights or strobe lights, green screen cycle wall or seamless paper and background options, our studio is flexible enough to handle most jobs. You can even do both during the same rental slot.

Studio Rental Pricing Options

Below our our rental prices for non-member rentals, ideal for people that only need the studio for short periods of time or very infrequently. If you need a studio more often, you should consider our studio rental program for even bigger discounts.

MVMG Rental Membership Program

Our rental membership program gives you access to highly discounted studio and equipment rental rates as well as our top priority access and after hours abilities. Learn more about how this program can help your productions by saving you money and helping you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have question? We have answers!

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Our studio rental comes with all the core things you’ll need: the space, screen, lights, and grip. For other things like cameras, lenses, audio, teleprompter, monitors, etc. you can either bring that along with you or rent equipment from us. The choice is yours.

Do you have an equipment load in area?

Yes, we most certainly do. We have a ramp type load in so you can drive your car/truck/van up right to the back door of the studio. Just keep in mind that it’s not a dock so you’ll need to ability to get the gear out of your vehicle and on to the ground to roll in.

Can I drive my car in?

Yes and no. Our screen is large enough for small cars and motor cycles if you need to do a special effects driving shot or promo shoot. However, we must approve this prior to your rental so please start a chat if you have this need. Also, keep in mind that driving on the screen will almost always make lots of marks and if so, we will have to bill for a $100 floor repaint.

Can I shoot a music video during normal business hours?

It depends. If you have a relatively quiet shoot without drums or loud amps, daytime music videos can be shot. Example: solo artist videos and such. However, if you need to play drums or amps, then please contact us so we can schedule a time for you outside of normal business hours.

When is the studio available to rent?

Our studio is always available M-F 9am-6pm for rentals. To see if a spot is open, select the appropriate option for booking in the pricing chart and the dates will show if available. For after hours and weekends, we typically only allow those times with prior approval. You can start a chat with us on this page or call us to see if we can accommodate your schedule.

What size is your green screen cyclorama wall?

Our green screen cyclorama wall is 24′ wide * 12′ high with a 12′ long right “L” wall.

What electricity hookups are provided?

Our studio has 100amp service available to the studio. This comes in 5x 20 amp breakers with standard Lema15/20 plugs. If you are bringing in your own lights, which isn’t required, then we recommend florescent or LED lights or small conventional.

Is water, drinks, and food provided?

We provide a filtered water system included in the rental. Also, we have assortments of coffee and teas at your disposal. You would need to bring any other food, snack, or drink item you wish.

What about extra equipment & crew needs I have?

We have both equipment rentals and production crews available that you can add on to your rental order. You can also start a chat or drop us a line if you have any specific questions before you book.

Still have questions? Drop us a line or start a chat!