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Hey there and welcome to mvmg.rentals, a video, lighting, and audio equipment marketplace website from Multiverse Media Group.


What is mvmg.rentals?

A brief history… shortly after we started Multiverse Media Group, we decided that we wanted to open a rental division of our company that offered video, lighting, grip, audio, AV equipment as well as our 2,000 sq. ft. sounds stage to other production freelancers and companies in the area.

From that time, we knew we wanted to make an easier way for our clients to rent our equipment. Long drawn out paperwork and having to call or email to check availability of equipment is not a very efficient way to run rentals.

So, we started building this website over a year ago with the foundation of making the process as easy as we can for people to check our inventory and rent the equipment and studio they need for their photo or video productions.

The process was much longer and harder than we originally anticipated, but we’re finally here and are excited to announce the launch of mvmg.rentals, MVMG’s new rental division website!


How does mvmg.rentals work?

Audio, Lighting, and Video Equipment Rentals

The process is pretty straight forward. For video, audio, lighting, grip, photo, or other equipment just go here http://mvmg.rentals/gear/. There you’ll see some categories of equipment. Select the category, and browse the equipment. Once you find something you want to rent, click on the item and just select the dates on the gear page and the price will auto calculate. Add whatever you want to the cart and you’re ready to check out.


Studio / Sound Stage Rental

Our studio is about 2,000 sq. ft. and comes with a 24′ wide 12′ pre-lit green screen cyclorama. To check out the studio and it’s amenities and to make bookings, you can check out here http://mvmg.rentals/studio/. Booking works similarly to the equipment. Select hourly, daily, or weekly, then fill out the date/time info and add to cart.


Professional Film Crews

We have some amazing talent in Jacksonville, FL. Wether you are from out of town doing a shoot here or are local and just need a guy or two to help, our production crews will help bring your project to life. You can learn more about our crews here http://mvmg.rentals/crews/.



We love being able to help individuals and companies create amazing videos and this is just one way we can help: to make getting equipment, crew, and studio space more easily and affordably.

Please check out the site and let us know in the comments what you think!