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The process of renting our green screen studio, photo, or video equipment from Multiverse Media Group (MVMG) just got a lot easier! Now you can check through our inventory, put things in your cart and go through the checkout process for most items.

There are still some items we have yet to enter, but most of the main camera equipment, A/V equipment, audio equipment, Grip and Support equipment, and Lighting equipment are all added.

mvmg.rentals: Making Photo, Video and Studio Rentals Easier Wasn’t Easy

There were a lot of obstacles to overcome to make the site a reality. The rentals process was something we knew needed to be revamped for a long time to make it more efficient both for renters and for us. It turns out that figuring out all the details was a lot harder than we hoped, but at long last it is done!

The website has been in the making for over a year, as we wanted to make sure that the systems we had in place were both easy to use and functionally offered what we needed to ensure that inventory and equipment could be managed properly. MVMG offers one of the widest selections of gear available in the Jacksonville area, and now it is easier to find and book than ever.

How do You Book your Rental Equipment?

  1. Go to https://mvmg.rentals/gear/
  2. Find your gear that you want to rent
  3. Select your dates
  4. Double check description to ensure it is what you’re looking for
  5. Add to cart
  6. Repeat until all gear is added
  7. Click ‘View Cart’ after adding last item
  8. Review your order and click ‘Proceed to checkout’ when ready’
  9. Enter billing details (name, address)
  10. Enter additional information (order notes, choose equipment insurance options, date of rental, upload insurance cert. if have one, pick up/drop off notes if applicable)
  11. Enter credit card info (number, expir. date, card code) or select pay with PayPal option
  12. Read and agree to privacy policy (we use your information only for processing your order)
  13. Read and agree to the terms and conditions
  14. Place your order!
  15. The whole process should only take a few minutes, and the next time it will be even shorter!

    Are There Bulk Discounts on Renting Gear?

    Yes. We offer a variety of memberships that include monthly green screen studio time as well as discounts on rental equipment. If you are a regular video content producer these deals can’t be beat and will encourage you to come in and use the studio regularly. The lowest membership offers a 20% discount on gear, so this will pay itself off in no time if you shoot regularly. Photographers are also welcome to do memberships.

    Let MVMG Find a Crew for Your Shoot

    We also provide support for crews in town if you need staffing for your video shoot. We have a list of qualified people for jobs including camera operators, gaffers and grips, sound engineers, post production specialists, directors and producers, and support staff such as on-set photographers, makeup and wardrobe.

    mvmg.rentals: The One Stop Shop for Video Equipment Rental Needs in Jacksonville

    If you are looking to do a one time video shoot or will be shooting consistently in Jacksonville, make sure to get in touch. We have one of the biggest and most diverse inventories in town, and we are willing to work with people to meet their needs if we don’t have exactly what they are looking for. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for on our site make sure to reach out through the online chat here or on the mvmg.rentals site or give us a call at (904)701-3016!